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Chernivtsi recent comments:

  • vulytsya Heroiv Maidanu, 194a, Sergei Gnatchuk wrote 6 months ago:
    ПП "Зембудсервіс"
  • Chernivtsi Central Railway Station, flovs wrote 5 years ago:
    23 de linii
  • Корпус № 1 Чернівецького національного університету, babahcv wrote 5 years ago:
    1 корпус ЧНУ
  • Chernivtsi Central Railway Station, flovs wrote 6 years ago:
    Build in 1909.
  • Гимназия № 7, Vadim (guest) wrote 7 years ago:
    This is the school number 15.
  • Школа №1, dimiuscv (guest) wrote 8 years ago:
    Was build about 1817, and was the first gymnasium in Czernowitz. Nowadays it's the oldest school in Chernivtsi region.
  • Першотравнева районна рада, bot (guest) wrote 8 years ago: